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4 Simple Steps To Eating Healthy Without Being A Slave To Your Kitchen

If you follow me at all on social media, you’ll know that I am a BIG proponent of eating healthy, delicious whole foods. Simple foods make me happy, and let’s face it, homemade is best when it comes to eating. It’s my passion and mission in life to introduce as many people to this delicious way of living as I possibly can, because when you change your food and the quality of your food, it literally changes EVERYTHING. Are you eating real, whole foods as much as you’d like?

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Quick Tip: Bye-Bye Dry Skin

Dry skin got you down? No worries. Once you get to the root of what could possibly be causing your dry skin, you’re halfway home. I, too, was in your shoes at one point in my life. I remember the heels on my feet used to get so dry that they would scratch my legs at night while I was sleeping. Imagine waking up with scratches on your legs from your own feet! It was so frustrating. No matter what I put on my feet, I always ended up with the same issue: Alligator skin!

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