Sacred Life


Sacred Life


The sacred is everywhere.  All that’s needed to see this in our everyday life is to shift our perception, to notice it.

Maybe we believe the sacred only lives in a Temple or a Church, but go a little deeper, and notice this Divine dance happening in every moment…

buddha-76468_640The breath that we are breathing in, the sun shining in the sky, the wind blowing the leaves in the trees that look like little chimes, watching the bees drinking the nectar from each flower, the light creating sparkles that are glistening off the lake, the smile of a stranger passing by, friendships and love for each other.

The sacred is within you, and it’s within me.  Look into the eyes of another today, into their Soul, and notice this sacred beauty within them; light is there waiting to be seen.

The sacred is not in a certain place or with a certain person.  It is all of life, at all moments, in all of us.

~ Article by Jen Camann of Wellness Healing Arts, LLC ~

***For more exciting information on Jen Camann, please visit IHH’s Guest Authors page.***

To your health and happiness…

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