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I was thinking the other day about how we live in a culture that puts a lot of emphasis on external beauty…

While I believe that inner beauty is the most important factor when the two are being compared, that’s a subject for another day.

Today I am going to talk about external beauty and beauty from the inside out.  I like to call this ‘Health Inspired Beauty’.

I’m going to be sharing some simple, easy natural beauty tips for external beauty that have worked really well for me over the years.

I am 44 years young this year, and when I tell people my age, they usually cannot believe it.

I truly believe that my diet and lifestyle have played a pivotal role in keeping me looking and feeling young.

I am really excited to share with you a few of the things that I do on a daily basis to keep my skin, nails and hair healthy and vibrant.

Did you Know?

To begin with, did you know that our skin is actually considered an organ?  Yes, it’s an organ — like our heart, lungs, stomach and our liver.

Until 15 years ago, in all honesty, I had no clue about this fact.

Another cool fact that I didn’t realize is that not only is our skin an organ, it is our body’s largest organ of elimination.

This is an extremely important fact to realize when it comes to what we put in our mouths and put onto our skin, which can make a difference between looking young, fresh and healthy or looking old, tired and sickly.

It is my belief that our bodies are perfectly designed and they do perform very effectively when given the proper tools to do their jobs.

health inspired beauty, natural beauty, how to get nice skin with food, real food and beautyWhen we eat healthy, whole foods (preferably organic or wildcrafted) that are right for our particular body, our body is able to run like a finely-tuned machine…

Our eyes shimmer, our skin glows, we have lots of energy and we feel fantastic!

When our bodies are not alkaline and are toxic from food, chemical pollutants and/or stress (among other factors), we end up on the other end of the spectrum.

You hear a lot about “cleansing” these days in order to facilitate living a healthy lifestyle.

When out body accumulates too much acid or toxic build-up, its job is to rid itself of these toxic substances.

Engaging in an organized whole food cleanse can help facilitate that process in a safe and controlled manner.

Even when we’re not doing an organized cleanse, our bodies perform cleansing functions every single day that we are alive… That is evident by the fact that we urinate, sneeze or even have bad breath, for example.  Those are three ways that the body attempts to clean and rid itself of toxins.

When our other organs of elimination (the colon, kidneys and liver are the primary elimination organs) are on overload and are not able to effectively get rid of toxin build-up, that is where the skin steps in does its job.

It rids our body of this nasty waste by pushing toxins out through the skin in the form of pimples, rashes, wrinkles and/or skin discolorations.

Unfortunately, when this occurs, many people reach for over-the-counter creams, salves or even medications to apply to their skin in the hopes of banishing these unsightly blemishes.

A few simple changes in diet, in the “products” that we use and the way that we care for our bodies can often take care of these issues in a natural and healthful manner.

So let’s get started with outlining the basics…

Simple Suggestions For Health Inspired Beauty

Drink water.

Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of filtered or spring water per day (stay as far away from tap water as you can get).  For example, a person weighing 120 pounds should drink 60 ounces of water per day.

This will help to flush your system of toxins and keep you hydrated so you feel alert.

If you get to the point that you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated, so it is best to sip on water throughout the day.

A great website to use to find free — yes, free — spring water is Find A Spring that was created by Daniel Vitalis.  It is updated on a regular basis when new free springs are found.

Check it out today, and enjoy a cool and refreshing chemical-free drink.

health inspired beauty, natural beauty, how to get nice skin with food, real food and beautyEat Whole Foods.

Whole foods means a food in its whole state.

If it comes in a box or a plastic container, etc.,  it is most likely not a whole food.

If it has a list of ingredients a mile long, it is not a whole food.

If you cannot pronounce the ingredients on a label and wouldn’t keep the unpronouncable ingredients in your pantry, it is not a whole food.

An apple is a whole food; eat it.

Blue Lake 40 and Red 10 and other potentially harmful food additives are not whole foods and should NOT be put into your precious body if you want to stay healthy, period.

Eating clean real food is a game changer.  When you begin making your meals with food straight from nature, you will be astonished how everything improves.

Consume Lots of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Well, of course!  Not only do fruits and vegetables taste great, they also have a high water, vitamin and mineral content (there is that water creeping into the healthy skin discussion again!).

Everyone these days knows how good fruits and veggies are for you.  They really are essential for good health and healthy skin.

If you want to have younger-looking skin and feel great, eat your fruits and veggies.  Remember to eat organic or wildcrafted when you can.

A great way to find different varieties of in-season fruits and veggies is to join a CSA (community-supported agriculture group) or shop your local farmer’s market.  You will be amazed at what is out there!

health inspired beauty, natural beauty, how to get nice skin with food, real food and beautyEat Superfoods.

A superfood.  What the heck is that?

According to David Wolfe, a “Superfood is a term used to describe food with high phytonutrient content and other power-packed nutrient values that are massively abundant and bio-available to the human organism.”

That means more nutrition, more antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber that keep your body healthy.

An example of superfoods would be dark chocolate (make sure it is dark and contains more than 70% cacao to receive the benefits), raw cacao, maca, goji, golden and/or mulberries, blueberries, acai berry, mangosteen, chia and/or pumpkin seeds, durian, young Thai coconut, figs and/or green superfood powders.

You can eat many delicious superfoods on their own or throw them in a blender and make a superfood smoothie that is both delicious and nutritious!  What a fabulous way to start your day!

Eat Healthy Fats.

Yes, I said that.  Eat those fats.

When I say that, I feel I must tell you that not all fats were created equal.

So I’m not talking about fried foods, transfats, margarine or any other types of unhealthy fats.

I’m talking about flax oil, raw coconut oil, avocados, hemp oil, first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, ghee, real butter from grass-fed cows, to name a few of them.

You can add healthy fats into delicious dressings or sauces, smoothies or juices and you can cook with them.

If you want your skin, hair and nails to be luxurious, strong, healthy and glowing, begin incorporating these healthy fats into your daily routine.

health inspired beauty, natural beauty, how to get nice skin with food, real food and beautyIf You Won’t Put It In Your Mouth, Don’t Put It On Your Skin.

I have to say that this piece of advice that I received years ago was some of the best advice I have ever received in my life so far.  I took this advice and never looked back.

You must realize that anything that you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body and goes directly into your bloodstream.

  • Would you put a squirt of your favorite perfume directly into your mouth?
  • Would you eat that face cream that you are rubbing onto the delicate skin on your face?
  • How about having a big bite of that hand and body lotion that you are slathering all over your precious body?

When you are answering these questions, I hope that you are saying, ABSOLUTELY NOT! Hell no, I would NEVER do that!

You can get really sick and maybe even die if you eat the toxic substances that are contained in most commercially-produced products.

On your skin or in your mouth, it’s essentially the same thing…  One can make you sick slowly, and one can make you sick quickly.

Follow this suggestion and your skin and body will truly thank you.

Use Natural Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Deodorant.

I am sure most people have heard by now that deodorants are preferable to antiperspirants.

FYI, our bodies were designed to sweat, and they really need to be allowed to perform this function.

Most antiperspirants contain aluminum, which clogs the pores under our armpits, exactly where our lymphatic system is located.

The lymphatic system is basically the sewage system in the body… It helps to clean out the junk.

Back up the lymph system and you are in for a world of no good.

Instead, choose all-natural deodorants.  It just makes sense.

And as far as toothpaste and mouthwash are concerned, now we’re back to the putting-chemicals-directly-into-your-mouth discussion again.  Need I say more?

health inspired beauty, natural beauty, how to get nice skin with food, real food and beautyUse Non-Toxic Beauty and Hair Products.

Avoid products that contain the following ingredients:  Foaming agents (including sodium laureth sulphate (SLS), ammonium lauryl sulphate and 1,4-dioxane), artificial fragrances, artificial colors, emulsifiers (such as Glyceryl monostearate and stearic acid), preservatives, urea (of any kind), parabens (of any kind), petroleum-based carrying agents or PVP/VA copolymer, stearalkonium chloride, petrolatum and paraffin.

A great rule to follow is if you cannot pronounce an ingredient, stay away from it.

Run, don’t walk, away from these products.

As I’ve said before, they end up on your skin and in your bloodstream.  That’s not where they belong.

There are scores of amazing natural alternatives these days when it comes to makeup, skincare and hair care.

There’s no reason to be applying damaging chemicals to our precious skin.

Use Non-Toxic Detergent To Do Your Laundry.

Just imagine wearing chemicals all day or sleeping between chemicals all night.  That is exactly what is happening when you use toxic detergents on your clothing or bedding.

I also recommend avoiding fabric softeners and dryer sheets.  You smell good already…  It isn’t worth the risk of ruining your health just to smell fluffy fresh.

The residue from these toxic products can also end up on your clothes, on your skin and ultimately in your bloodstream.  Again, not so good.

There are many great products that are available to get your new outfit sparkling clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

health inspired beauty, natural beauty, how to get nice skin with food, real food and beautyMove Your Body.

Go for a walk, run in the woods, do some yoga, jump on a rebounder, take a Zumba class, go dancing, walk up and down the stairs, go to the gym, play hide and seek with your kids, take up a sport like tennis, soccer, golf; whatever it takes, just get your body moving.

If you’re sitting still, your lymph system is not doing anything.  It’s just sitting still, too.

Help your lymph system eliminate toxins from your body by moving it.  You’ll truly feel better, and your body will thank you..

Take Time For Yourself.

Stress does a number on our health and manifests itself in many forms, including being able to see it on our skin.

Take time for yourself.  It is absolutely crucial that you put some time aside for yourself every single day, even if it is only for 15 minutes.

You CAN find at least 15 minutes in a day to do something that you love for YOU.

  • What is it that makes you feel good?
  • Is it meditation?
  • Going for a walk?
  • Watching a movie?
  • Taking a nap?
  • Spending time with your friends or family?
  • Playing with your animals?
  • Taking a bath?
  • Surfing the Web?
  • Creating something new?
  • Reading a book?
  • Preparing a delicious meal?

These happen to be some of my favorite things.

Find out what yours are and do at least one of them every single day.

You will feel refreshed by engaging in something that you love doing, which makes for a happier person, which makes for less stress in your life.  :0)

Wrapping It All Up In A Pretty Bow

health inspired beauty, natural beauty, how to get nice skin with food, real food and beautyIt is important to remember that health is a journey, and that goes for natural beauty, too.

I recommend taking baby steps in the right direction.

Pick one or two of my simple suggestions that appeal to you most and implement them into your life over the next two weeks.

Once you get used to these changes, pick two more suggestions and go from there.

Eventually, you will get through the whole list and it will be at YOUR pace.

Make it easy for you to succeed by not biting off more than you can chew.  This is precisely how I began my journey to health 15 years ago.

One last thing… remember that everyone’s body is different.  All of the suggestions that I have listed in this article have worked well for me over the past 15 years.  It was a trial-and-error type of thing and I eventually found what works well for my body.

I recommend that you use my suggestions as guidelines to inspire you and to put you on a path that leads to finding out exactly what works well for you.  It’s time to live the ‘Health Inspired Beauty’ life… You CAN do it!

Simple Recipes For Health Inspired Beauty

If you’ve ever wanted to begin making some easy at-home beauty treatments, well, I’ve got you covered there, too.

In my next blog post, Simple Recipes for Health Inspired Beauty, I share with you some simple recipes for your skin and hair that you won’t want to miss.

You can read all the yummy details and get the recipes by clicking here.

Are you looking for help and guidance to get your health on track so you can release weight naturally, improve energy and sleep better at night?  

I can help you. 

My DIY Back to Basics Seasonal Cleansing Programs help you get healthier by eating real food, one delicious bite at a time!

Download a Delicious Cleanse today:  DIY Back to Basics Seasonal Cleanses

To your health, happiness and beauty…

  1. Great post! It’s amazing how simple these tips are to practice. Thanks again

  2. Thank you, Peter!

  3. I enjoy reading your tips. There’s always a change I can make towards a healthier lifestyle!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post and have to agree with you the best foods are the ones in the natural form without all the extra rubbish put into it. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

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