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 What are my Back to Basics Seasonal Cleansers saying about their experience of participating in my DIY and Group Cleanses?

~ Lisa & Max T., Australia

I’ve always seen cleanses as a scary. I pictured angry cranky deprived people fantasizing about food. Then I met Laurie.  She is amazing!!  She was so helpful through the whole process to answer any questions I had.

And the FOOD… So much delicious food with simple recipes and a shopping list. I ate more during the cleanse than I ate regularly. The best part was everyone wanted what I was eating. There is no deprivation, but you might want to make extra.

Cleansing with Laurie has changed my life. We use the recipes from the cleanse all the time. We are getting healthier and my boyfriend actually wants to do my next cleanse with me.

If cleanses scare you, Laurie is who you’ve been looking for.  She makes everything easy and it becomes a way of life. You even look forward to doing it again.  I can’t wait to try the recipes from her next cleanse.

~ Andrea R., United States

Real Life

Before the Back to Basics Feeling Fabulous Fall Group Cleanse, I was extremely stressed out in a few areas of my life. I was in the midst of some major changes that I wasn’t sure I could make. I participated in the cleanse because I was asking for a way to improve my health, increase my revenue and find peace while I still have my day job.

Through the Back to Basics Feeling Fabulous Fall Group Cleanse, I must share in all sincerity, that not only have I made many of the changes like ending a relationship that no longer served me, I feel like I AM floating. I have so much bounce in my hair, whiter teeth, skin softer than ever, the best sleep in quite a while and business is expanding because I was able to be more clear about my goals and vision with the help of the Feeling Fabulous Fall Group Cleanse!

I completed a vision board workshop with some exciting and successful women. I AM enjoying loving me and my family. My granddaughter thinks that I have nothing to do other than use all this energy playing with her until she passes out… LOL Smile

Before the Back to Basics Feeling Fabulous Fall Group Cleanse the first time, I was concerned that I would not be able to stay on track however going through it again really solidified my desire to change. It has been very impactful with how I shop, where I eat and how important my overall health is to my immediate future.

Through the Back to Basics Feeling Fall Group Cleanse, I conquered more challenges, won a makeover, have built some powerful relationships and visualize a brighter and more significant future for myself and immediate family members.

~ Shambra J., United States

Before the Back to Basics Fountain of Youth Spring Cleanse, I tried everything to get back to my 35-year-old body. This included raw diets published by famous people (and seriously, I held my nose to swallow the cold soups and smoothies down – the taste was gross).

I lost 13 pounds on that yucky diet in 1.5 months. This was when I ran one hour every day and I gained it back. During Laurie’s cleanse, I was starting up a biz so had very little time (I also am FT caregiver of my husband and have a day job). I decided to give myself a break and stopped going to the gym. I still lost inches and at least 5 lbs (I am viewing the scales as an evil monster I want to avoid so only stepped on it once).

My husband who would never go on a diet like this, was inspired to look into clean eating and is now going to join me. This is something I cannot put a price tag on as he has MS and the gluten, yeast, dairy and sugar tax his body.

We joined a CSA at the end of the program and I know that I can never go back to eating the way that I used to. The program is so simple to follow – I did it with no time to spare 😉 and loved the convenience of doing one big shop prior to phase two. It is flexible and Laurie is amazingly supportive as are the people in the FB group. The value of this program is ten times what is being asked. I was drawn to Laurie because of her positive energy (and OK, I loved her website) and The Back to Basics Fountain of Youth Spring Cleanse is one of the best things that has happened to me. There is nothing more important than your health and that of your loved ones – my body loves living like this!

~ Dana M., United States

Prior to the Back to Basics Fountain of Youth Spring Cleanse, I had been dealing with undiagnosed health issues. I had severe joint pain, muscle weakness and fatigue. My Doctors were able to rule many things out but could not pinpoint what was causing my symptoms.

I was introduced to Laurie and decided a lifestyle change of clean eating was worth a try, it absolutely could cause me no harm. I became much more aware of what I was putting into my body, I almost immediately had more energy, less joint pain and started sleeping better!

Eliminating toxins and chemicals in food as well as reducing my daily stress has been a game changer for me! I lost seven pounds in the last 20 days and have met some amazing people from around the globe on the same wellness journey within our group. Thank you all but most of all to Jody who brought me here and to Laurie who continues to inspire me daily! Peace and Love,

~ Carrie K., United States

Before the Back to Basics Fountain of Youth Spring Group Cleanse, I wasn’t very knowledgeable about nutritious and healthy eating and was powered by my chocolate cravings. During the cleanse, Laurie is the most positive, enthusiastic, energetic and supportive coach. Her expertise in holistic nutrition is amazing, and her recipes are delicious.

By the end of the cleanse, I had lost 5 lbs, felt healthy with my eating, had my chocolate cravings in control, and was very proud of how much I had learned about nutrition. Laurie is uniquely gifted in nutritional education, and I’m grateful that I decided to join her cleanse! Thank you, Laurie!

~ Lea D., United States

I’ve just completed my third cleanse with Laurie Driggers, and I’m afraid soon I won’t be able to cleanse, because more and more the cleansing foods, recipes and lifestyle changes are becoming how I normally live. I’ve never felt so good! I’ve lost 15 lbs, and Laurie is there every step of the way as a coach and friend.

It is wonderful how everything Coach Laurie does is specific to the time of year, and between the emails and Facebook posts I’ve felt very supported every step of the way. The recipes have changed from season to season, and I think that is great that I can use seasonal and locally-grown food, and seasonal foods are usually less expensive then strawberries from Peru in December. Seriously. 

I’ll probably continue to cleanse with Laurie 3 to 4 times a year, and I recommend that you do, too, because her program makes the adjustments our body goes through with the changing seasons so much easier, and she has different options for beginner, intermediate and advanced cleansers.

Before the cleanse, I was a slow starter in the morning. Now I wake up with energy and enthusiasm, and I’ve lost 15 pounds to boot. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to everyone!

Through the Back to Basics Fountain of Youth Cleanse I quickly recovered from hip replacement surgery including walking with a cane and the swelling disappearing quickly. I’m excited to cleanse again soon.

~ Master Sam Naples, United States

7 th degree Blackbelt

Grandmaster Chun Taekwondo Jidokwan

Before the cleanse I was suffering from allergy symptoms, weight gain and general malaise. My hopes for the cleanse were to feel better and see what food allergies I might have. What I gained from participating went beyond my hopes. I learned about healthy foods and how to prepare them. It was fun following the recipes.

My husband normally prepares all of our meals, so it was liberating to cook for myself. The big elimination items for me were bread and pasta. I really missed bread for sandwiches. I had headaches for the first week and by the second week I didn’t feel well at all. So I ate less and drank more water. I was surprised at how little I actually needed to eat to feel right. I instantly had more energy and the headaches subsided.

My allergy symptoms seemed to subside a bit also. My husband recently planted a huge garden with all of the yummy vegetables from the cleanse. We will have fun growing and preparing and eating well together!

It was essential that I do the Sparkle & Shine Cleanse to enforce what I learned from the previous cleanse. I am much more in tune with how food makes me feel when I eat it. I realized I don’t miss the bad things I thought I couldn’t live without. Pasta made me sleepy, bread made me bloat and margarine made my tummy grumble. The best part is I maintained the 10+ pound weight loss.

This past weekend was a good test of what I’ve learned from Laurie’s Inspiration because it was a hectic 3-day work event. I made sure I brought premade elixirs, smoothies, flushes and proper snacks; easy-peasy! When it came time for restaurant meals, I focused on salads, veggies, a little fish/chicken. 

I used to love bread and now after cleansing and learning I don’t miss it at all. Since participating in my first cleanse in May, I have lost 30 pounds! All good, feeling great!

~ Jody U., United States

The biggest thing I noticed was the cravings, not to say that I didn’t mess up a couple of times (I really love a good potato chip), but my body does NOT like it. I became aware of how food really affects my body and how much better I feel when I am only putting good stuff in. Weight loss is a great benefit!

This is an amazing program with amazing recipes. Laurie is so helpful and so knowledgeable that she made me understand (for the first time in my life) that what I put into my body really makes a difference. Not only was this about food, but it was also about taking time for myself…

I haven’t taken a bath in years and I have taken at least 5 in the last 11 days! It’s about loving yourself enough to put only good healthy foods into your body so you can feel your best everyday! Thank you, Laurie, for showing me that I can make healthy choices, and if sometimes I don’t, its okay, because I can always start over! I really feel AMAZING! Love you Laurie. <3

~ Linda M., United States

Through the Back to Basics Whole Foods Fall Group Cleanse, I was not only able to lose 10 pounds in 11 days, but more important, learned that it was not difficult to make big changes with positive results that made me feel better and gave me tools I can use for a lifetime, all while eating healthy organic foods.

In fact, I enjoyed the program so much I am currently continuing as I add more of Laurie’s suggestions in the Transition Phase. Even without having met Laurie in person, I still felt her genuine desire to help in any way she could so I would have a successful and enjoyable experience. It is truly amazing what a difference 11 days can make!

I have completed several cleanses with Laurie, and I can honestly say I have gained more knowledge each time. This is a life time journey and there is a lot to learn and Laurie for me has made it an enjoyable and rewarding experience each time.

~ Joanne B., United States

Before this programme, I was messed up with counting calories and trying to lose weight. I was losing one week and putting it back on the following and very unhappy.

Since this programme, I am more interested in feeling good, healthy and balanced and surprised I am losing weight. I have learned that you can treat yourself without food. I am happier now.

~ Maria B., United Kingdom

I have tons more energy and feel vibrant. I dropped 8.5 pounds. I found which foods make me sluggish, I cut my coffee intake down drastically. I also got more in touch with my emotions and realized even more how amazing “me time” is.

~ Jeff W., United States

Before the Back to Basics Whole Foods Spring Cleanse, I assumed meals had to be a large portion of meat surrounded by salad, etc. but always felt heavy and sluggish after meals and never considered myself a vegetarian.

Now I realize that I can not eat meat and still have energy, a vibrant attitude and a renewed purpose to life to enjoy eating healthy and not just eating to hope I become healthy.

~ Chris H., United States

I found myself waking with abundant energy.  Experienced vivid animated dream cycles!

I was beyond impressed at the detail given to all parts of this wonderful program. Loved that the recipes are in a separate file for future reference to grab on a whim!

I found it great especially for those who have never cleansed because it offers so much freedom and flexibility with picking recipes. Great selection for all palettes and special dietary needs!

~ Melissa R., United States

I have really enjoyed the cleanse and wanted to compliment you. The recipes are easy, your support and commitment are clear. I plan to continue eating this way until it is “normal” for me.

Benefits for me have been more energy, don’t feel bad or worn out at the end of the day, look forward to food prep, trying new things, less moody and weight loss (which is great but not my primary outcome).

~ Cherry B., United States

This is the third cleanse that I have participated in with Laurie and her awesome group of cleansers. It has been such a fun ride to be part of a great group; the support of other cleansers, the education, the yummy recipes and most of all the love from everyone has made all of my cleanses fun to be part of.

I can’t decide what is my favorite part of the cleanse: the way my body feels, the awesome recipes – (which I NEVER feel hungry or too full), or the fact that I can do the cleanse in the comfort of my own home, and work! (I even bought a small bullet for my office so it is easy for me to make smoothies throughout the day with NO excuses.)

I have learned so much, not only about my own body, but also about the nutrition ‘standards’ of today – I have learned what to look for, what to search for and how easy it actually is to be healthy! I continue to be amazed at how fast my body reacts to everything from what I put into it, and what I put ONTO it!

Seriously, within days of switching my foods and cosmetic products, I realized that my body loved it – my belly bloating went down substantially, and the redness in my face dissipated. My energy level went through the roof and my brain actually seemed to move faster.

I am so thankful to have been introduced to Laurie and her plethora of knowledge. I am looking forward to my next cleanse!

~ Brittany H., United States

Doing the Back to Basics program helped to develop a fascination for me with healthy eating habits and staying on top of my weight. I loved the support and the articles put up on Facebook to read, especially the ones on coconut oil and maca. They will now be staples of my diet.

~ Susie W., United Kingdom

Before the Back to Basics Whole Foods Fall Group Cleanse, I felt sluggish, tired and did not know where to start toward getting enough energy to even start to lose weight and feel more energetic.

Now I am 13 pounds lighter and feel like I have the energy and the tools to continue moving forward toward a more happy healthy life!

~ Carol B., United States

Before starting Laurie’s Back to Basics Cleanse, I wondered, Would I be starving? Would I have little energy to exercise? Will preparing the meals be too time consuming as a mom of 3? Answers to all of those questions: NO WAY!

I was satisfied, enjoyed every recipe, as did my three little boys, worked out to my usual intensity and had time on my hands! Truly this is the most incredible, feel-good, OBTAINABLE program! I’m hooked!

Laurie is amazing! Her recipes are sensational, and her support is heart warming and immeasurable. You must try it!

~ Gina M., United States

I have been delighted with the Back to Basics Whole Foods Winter Group Cleanse. Great recipes. Great support. Great results.

After a challenging 2013, I wanted to give myself a boost to a healthier diet and this cleanse has certainly done that. I feel incredibly supported by Laurie the whole way through. Not only has this been a cleanse programme, it has also enabled me to find a sustainable way to eat a mainly raw food diet going forward.

I have loved the whole thing! Thank you Laurie.

~ Ruby S., United Kingdom

I started the program because I had tried in the past to cleanse on my own.  I could not do this alone because I did not know what to eat, how often and how much. I knew I needed a change because I used to wake up every morning feeling nauseated and my body used to hurt a lot! I also had many other symptoms.

The times I tried to do it on my own I used to starve because I did not know what to eat. I did the cleanse and now I feel energetic, nausea is gone, pain is less and healthy habits will stay forever with me.

Now I know what to do and what to eat. I know I will achieve good health if I continue eating like this. Thank you,

Laurie, for all you taught me in just 15 days. God bless you!

~ Gladys G., United States

Before the Back to Basics Whole Foods Winter Group Cleanse I had been eating lots of salads and fruit and veg, but had also been comfort eating after a very stressful few years of caring for my elderly mother with dementia. I ‘treated’ myself to things like cake, cookies, sweets, bread, cheese; just little things to make life a little more pleasurable.  

This, together with no exercise, had made me gain weight slowly but surely over the years and feel totally depleted of energy.  

Through the BTBWFWGC I have realised that I can live without these things, they are not essential to having an enjoyable diet, and you do feel better for eating healthier.

~ Carolyn S., United Kingdom

Before the Back to Basics Fountain of Youth Spring Group Cleanse I was gaining weight and feeling really depressed about it. I have a lifetime of weight problems and I was becoming very fearful that I would end up really overweight like I used to be. I felt powerless and desperate, as none of my clothes would fit. I felt tired, depressed and suffered frequent bouts of brain fog and dreadful mood swings. I was sick of diets which left me feeling hungry and dissatisfied, so I couldn’t stick to them for long enough to lose any weight. All in all, I was beginning to feel hopeless.

Through the Back to Basics Fountain of Youth Spring Group Cleanse, I now have hope for the future. I feel more even-tempered and in control of my eating because the food is delicious and satisfying physically.

I was totally free of cravings and felt satisfied mentally and emotionally, too, knowing that I was really nourishing and caring for my body. I lost a few pounds in weight, which really pleased me, and my energy levels improved. The brain fog disappeared, too, so I feel more able to deal with the stresses and strains of modern life.

 ~ Gerry G., United Kingdom

Dairy has been a staple of my diet for as long as I can remember – cheese as a snack and yogurt as my breakfast. I’ve been dairy-free for 3 weeks and feel awesome. My taste buds have totally changed and I crave healthy foods. I dropped a dress size and got into my white jeans just in time to wear them one more time before the end of summer.

The support and guidance I got from Laurie and the other participants was very helpful. Didn’t feel like I was alone. Laurie is an awesome coach!

~ Jan E., United States

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