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Just Shut Up And Sit Down… Not Anymore!

I remember the fear that I felt when this crazy woman unleashed her aggression on us, then the tears came and I shook uncontrollably. This insane person, who basically assaulted a child and screamed at us, wasn’t the worst of it or what I believe affected me so many years later in my life.

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A Key To Reclaiming Health: How To Start Juicing

Nothing surprised me more than completely losing my health 7 years ago. At the time, I was a type-A, workaholic Ph.D. student, training for the Chicago marathon. I ate cake for dinner and drank 6 cups of coffee a day. Veggies were not on the agenda. Twinkies, please! Then, in May of 2006, that was it; I was taken out of the game, completely. My body went into a total revolt. I could barely walk; I could barely stay awake; I was going in and out of panic attacks; and I had a great deal of hot, fiery, skin-ripping pain all over my body.

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Today’s The Big Day!

Today’s the Big Launch Day for the new book “Trust Your Intuition: 25 ‘Natural Medicine Confessions’From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies For Their Families.” This has been a busy and exciting week for myself and all of the other contributing authors that are featured in this inspiring new book. We’ve been spreading the word about today’s BIG LAUNCH for the past several weeks, and I can hardly contain my excitement that it has finally arrived!

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Do You Trust Your Intuition?

My chapter is entitled, “Saving Bruno: How I Used Natural Remedies to Heal My 4-Legged Baby.” In my chapter, I share the story of how alternative and natural treatments are not just for people and how I helped to heal my four-legged boy, Bruno, by acting on my intuition, railing against a conventional diagnosis and pursuing alternative, unique treatment options that brought him back from a life-threatening medical emergency to living a life of health and wellness once again.

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Techniques For Happy Days

I woke up this morning thinking about happiness and asking myself, Do I wake up happy each morning, or do I have to purposefully “do” something to put a smile on my face? After a bit of thought, I decided that the answer to both of those questions are definately, yes, I do, and yes, I do.

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