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Simple Recipes for Health Inspired Beauty

♥ Simple Recipes For Health Inspired Beauty ♥ In case you missed my post last week where I shared with you some of my top secrets for beauty from the inside out, or what I like to refer to as ‘Health Inspired Beauty,’ there are no worries at all. I don’t want you stressing because we all know that stress isn’t good for you […]

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Superfood Sunflower Seed Butter

Superfood Sunflower Seed Butter As with most things in life, when I’m in a situation where I want or need something and I can’t get out of my house to get whatever ‘it’ is, I’m forced to dig deep and find a crafty solution to the problem I’m trying to solve. Today I’m not talking about world peace. I’m not […]

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4 Simple Steps To Eating Healthy Without Being A Slave To Your Kitchen

If you follow me at all on social media, you’ll know that I am a BIG proponent of eating healthy, delicious whole foods. Simple foods make me happy, and let’s face it, homemade is best when it comes to eating. It’s my passion and mission in life to introduce as many people to this delicious way of living as I possibly can, because when you change your food and the quality of your food, it literally changes EVERYTHING. Are you eating real, whole foods as much as you’d like?

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Transforming Your Life in 9 Simple Steps

Cleansing and fasting have been part of many spiritual traditions since the beginning of time and they are beautiful, healthy ways of rebooting your nervous system and your body. During this “reboot” process and especially if this is your first cleanse, you might be surprised at how emotional the cleansing process may be.

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A BIG Thank You: Our Book Hit #1!

Kindle Update: We are planning a similar launch for the Kindle version of Trust Your Intuition in the last week of August AND we will probably be able to give away copies of the book FREE for a few days. How cool is that?!?

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Today’s The Big Day!

Today’s the Big Launch Day for the new book “Trust Your Intuition: 25 ‘Natural Medicine Confessions’From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies For Their Families.” This has been a busy and exciting week for myself and all of the other contributing authors that are featured in this inspiring new book. We’ve been spreading the word about today’s BIG LAUNCH for the past several weeks, and I can hardly contain my excitement that it has finally arrived!

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Did Someone Say FREE Gifts?

Oh, yes, they did! Have you seen all the AH-MAZE-ZING gifts that you will receive on July 17th when you buy the book “Trust Your Intuition: 25 ‘Natural Medicine Confessions’ From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies For Their Families” that day? Hop on over to the Natural Medicine Confessions page and check them out (there’s some really juicy gifts there!).

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5 Tips To Reduce Your Toxic Load

It seems like every time you turn around nowadays someone is talking about cleansing and detoxing and rebooting our bodies. Why? Because of toxins. This subject is no doubt a hot topic, as it has made its way from the realm of the super-health-conscious to the mainstream individual almost overnight. It’s no surprise that this trend has occurred, because the fact is, toxins affect all of us. Did you know that everybody in this world has detectable levels of toxins in their bodies? Although endless questions about toxins and chemicals are asked by concerned people every single day, the question to ask is not if we are toxic anymore. The real question to ask is, how toxic am I?

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DIY Peppermint Powder Room Spray

Have you ever walked into a room, only to be metaphorically smacked in the face with a smell that you find offensive, or worse, one that makes you nauseous? Well, I have. Many times, in fact. I know that I cannot be the only person on the planet that is very sensitive when it comes to smells of any kind. Commercially-bought perfumes, cigarette smoke, those plug-in things you put into the wall and/or the stinky exhaust coming from a vehicle in front of me while I’m driving down the road all mean one thing to me: Big-time HEADACHE.

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Super DIY Shaving Soap

Last year I decided that I wanted to surprise my honey and make him some homemade shaving soap. When I decided to come up with a recipe, I had visions of my dad shaving from when I was a little girl. I remember he used to use a brush, a small bowl full of soap and a razor. I remember watching him lather up the soap on his brush, apply it to his face and get down to business. I always used to think that the whipped soap all over his face looked like whipped cream , which I though was the coolest thing on the planet back then. Ahh, the memories…

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Fancy Flower Ice Cubes

Are you looking for a way to be inspired to drink more water throughout the day? Would you love to impress your guests at a dinner party or afternoon cookout? Do you just love to be surrounded by beautiful things, even while eating? There is a simple way that you can answer all of these questions with a resounding, Yes!… Beautiful Fancy Flower Ice Cubes.

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