Dinner With The Sproutman

Imagine my delight and surprise when my friend, who hosts the Meetup, told me that the Sproutman was coming to give a talk at our meeting… I was elated! I was going to meet a man that was a big influence on how I feed my body to this day.

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How To Help Prevent The Flu Naturally With Black Elderberries, Syrup & Tea

In the wintertime for general maintenance I take either a tablespoon of the syrup per day or have a cup of my black elderberry-ginger tea. At the first sign of feeling run down or if I feel my immune system is working overtime, I begin a regimen of one tablespoon of syrup per hour. This really works well for me.

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Techniques For Happy Days

I woke up this morning thinking about happiness and asking myself, Do I wake up happy each morning, or do I have to purposefully “do” something to put a smile on my face? After a bit of thought, I decided that the answer to both of those questions are definately, yes, I do, and yes, I do.

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Welcome To My Blog!!

Hello, my name is Laurie Driggers. Welcome to My Blog!!   If you are reading this right now, you probably are seeking answers to questions like, How can I live a happier, more fulfilled life? What can I do to turn things around in my life? How can I feel truly healthy and amazing every day? How can I laugh more?  […]

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