Quick Tip: 6 Ways To Say Bye-Bye To Bloat

Do you wake up some days and feel like your stomach is a bloated mess? I know that I have certainly been there. Many times people feel bloated in their bellies, and thankfully this is not because of fat, even though it may feel that way in the moment.

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Super DIY Shaving Soap

Last year I decided that I wanted to surprise my honey and make him some homemade shaving soap. When I decided to come up with a recipe, I had visions of my dad shaving from when I was a little girl. I remember he used to use a brush, a small bowl full of soap and a razor. I remember watching him lather up the soap on his brush, apply it to his face and get down to business. I always used to think that the whipped soap all over his face looked like whipped cream , which I though was the coolest thing on the planet back then. Ahh, the memories…

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Top 10 Tips To Avoid Weight Gain

All you have to do is take a good look around these days and you don’t need a statistician to tell you that over a quarter of Americans are obese. Unfortunately, obesity goes hand-in-hand with many weight-related health issues; such as, heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, gallbladder disease and gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout and/or breathing problems, which includes sleep apnea and asthma. By implementing these 10 tips into your daily life, you will have the basic tools needed to free yourself from our nation’s fat trap and get yourself on the road to health and happiness.

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Rethinking Restrictive Diets

It’s that holly jolly time of year again… The time of the infamous New Year’s Resolution. One of the most popular resolutions every single year is to lose weight. As you may have guessed or have even experienced firsthand, losing weight using a restrictive diet program, which is any diet that restricts caloric intake, is not effective in the short- or long-term to actually achieve your losing-weight resolution.

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3 Tips For Making A Healthy & Delicious Green Smoothie

What is my favorite breakfast of all time and one that I thoroughly enjoy on most mornings? It is a delicious Goddess Green Smoothie. As you begin to realize that green equals health and green equals energy, the color won’t so much bother you, especially when it tastes like heaven in your mouth.

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Fancy Flower Ice Cubes

Are you looking for a way to be inspired to drink more water throughout the day? Would you love to impress your guests at a dinner party or afternoon cookout? Do you just love to be surrounded by beautiful things, even while eating? There is a simple way that you can answer all of these questions with a resounding, Yes!… Beautiful Fancy Flower Ice Cubes.

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Simple Strategies to Avoid Sleep Deprivation

Once the gages and lights on your dashboard begin to send you warning signals, it is important to pay close attention and focus your mind on regular maintenance and damage prevention. While we may be able to handle the excess overload for a while, it is only a matter of time before our nervous system and physical health start to show signs of excessive wear and premature malfunctions.

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Adzuki Bean Hummus

How much fun is a food that is full of creamy, yummy goodness that can be eaten as a snack or a meal and that is packed with tons of nutrients to keep our bodies healthy?!? Pretty darn fun and pretty simple to prepare.

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5 Tips for Children: Increase Mental Focus, Attention, Energy & Capacity, Part II

In 5 Tips For Children: Increase Mental Focus, Attention, Energy & Capacity, Part II, I offer 5 additional easy-to-implement, inexpensive and fun tips to increase attention span, mental energy and focus. As in the previous post, implementing just one of these tips will have its benefits; implementing more than one or all will have greater benefit. I recommend you begin implementing the tip you find easiest from this post or the previous post and then building from there.

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How To Easily & Effortlessly Grow Wheatgrass At Home

While spending time in the hospital with one of the people I love most in the world after he had surgery, I found inspiration. I was pleasantly surprised when my loved one’s “roommate” turned out to be a perfect match for him as far as personalities go. Because of this, in the midst of a long hospital stay, there was laughter and positive energy all around us. That in and of itself was pretty awesome. Where I found the inspiration was from the roommate’s wife. Not only was she bright, funny and a joy to be around, she inspired me and got me thinking…

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5 Tips for Children: Increase Mental Focus, Attention, Energy & Capacity

Parents, teachers and young people often look for ways to help young people and themselves increase mental focus, attention, energy and capacity. The following 5 tips are easy to implement, inexpensive, fun and will go a long way in increasing attention span, mental energy and focus. Implementing just one of these tips will have its benefits, while implementing more than one or all may result in a complete life makeover.

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Antioxidants and Free Radicals: The Whole Story

It seems to me that the media is clogged with news about the importance of antioxidants and antioxidant-rich “super foods”. While this information is valuable, I feel that it lacks the substance required in fully understanding the whole antioxidant and free radical story. Over and over I have seen people trying to rid themselves, for good of free radicals, not realizing the detrimental dangers of desiring such a dramatic exodus.

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The C Word

I want to share what has been going on in my life, as I am sure that it will help someone along the way if they find themselves in a similar situation. A few months ago one of the most important people in my entire world came to me to share that he has cancer, a/k/a the “C” word.

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