A Key To Reclaiming Health: How To Start Juicing

Nothing surprised me more than completely losing my health 7 years ago. At the time, I was a type-A, workaholic Ph.D. student, training for the Chicago marathon. I ate cake for dinner and drank 6 cups of coffee a day. Veggies were not on the agenda. Twinkies, please! Then, in May of 2006, that was it; I was taken out of the game, completely. My body went into a total revolt. I could barely walk; I could barely stay awake; I was going in and out of panic attacks; and I had a great deal of hot, fiery, skin-ripping pain all over my body.

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Sacred Life

Sacred Life The sacred is everywhere.  All that’s needed to see this in our everyday life is to shift our perception, to notice it. Maybe we believe the sacred only lives in a Temple or a Church, but go a little deeper, and notice this Divine dance happening in every moment… The breath that we are breathing in, the sun […]

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A BIG Thank You: Our Book Hit #1!

Kindle Update: We are planning a similar launch for the Kindle version of Trust Your Intuition in the last week of August AND we will probably be able to give away copies of the book FREE for a few days. How cool is that?!?

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Today’s The Big Day!

Today’s the Big Launch Day for the new book “Trust Your Intuition: 25 ‘Natural Medicine Confessions’From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies For Their Families.” This has been a busy and exciting week for myself and all of the other contributing authors that are featured in this inspiring new book. We’ve been spreading the word about today’s BIG LAUNCH for the past several weeks, and I can hardly contain my excitement that it has finally arrived!

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Did Someone Say FREE Gifts?

Oh, yes, they did! Have you seen all the AH-MAZE-ZING gifts that you will receive on July 17th when you buy the book “Trust Your Intuition: 25 ‘Natural Medicine Confessions’ From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies For Their Families” that day? Hop on over to the Natural Medicine Confessions page and check them out (there’s some really juicy gifts there!).

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Something Big Is Coming…

There are only 8 more days until the launch of the book that I am a contributing author in, which was just published, and I am so excited to talk about it! I can hardly believe that it’s on right now as I type this post.

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7 Tips To Reduce Fluid Retention

Did you know that you can easily gain three to five pounds, even a dress size, if you are experiencing fluid/water retention? Yes, as a woman, I know that that is horrifying to hear. One of the main causes of fluid retention in women is due to hormonal fluctuations throughout the month, and another reason can be the result of food sensitivities.

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Do You Trust Your Intuition?

My chapter is entitled, “Saving Bruno: How I Used Natural Remedies to Heal My 4-Legged Baby.” In my chapter, I share the story of how alternative and natural treatments are not just for people and how I helped to heal my four-legged boy, Bruno, by acting on my intuition, railing against a conventional diagnosis and pursuing alternative, unique treatment options that brought him back from a life-threatening medical emergency to living a life of health and wellness once again.

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Ginger Love Superfood Smoothie

Have you ever fallen in love with a smoothie?!? Well, I did and it happened to be this morning when I created this delicious treat. I’ve been on quite a roll lately, inventing new and healthy smoothies every day. This morning, as I tuned into my body and noticed what I was craving, it came to me: Ginger root. Fresh, healing, powerful ginger root. And that’s how this lovely lady — The Ginger Love Superfood Smoothie — was born.

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Quick Tip: Bye-Bye Dry Skin

Dry skin got you down? No worries. Once you get to the root of what could possibly be causing your dry skin, you’re halfway home. I, too, was in your shoes at one point in my life. I remember the heels on my feet used to get so dry that they would scratch my legs at night while I was sleeping. Imagine waking up with scratches on your legs from your own feet! It was so frustrating. No matter what I put on my feet, I always ended up with the same issue: Alligator skin!

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Are Your Teeth Toxic?

When I was a little girl, one of the highlights of my year, every year, were my family’s visits to our friendly dentist. I know, it sounds like I’m a crazy person, right? Most people loathe and are even scared to death of reclining in the dental chair and having their pearly whites checked up on.

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5 Tips To Reduce Your Toxic Load

It seems like every time you turn around nowadays someone is talking about cleansing and detoxing and rebooting our bodies. Why? Because of toxins. This subject is no doubt a hot topic, as it has made its way from the realm of the super-health-conscious to the mainstream individual almost overnight. It’s no surprise that this trend has occurred, because the fact is, toxins affect all of us. Did you know that everybody in this world has detectable levels of toxins in their bodies? Although endless questions about toxins and chemicals are asked by concerned people every single day, the question to ask is not if we are toxic anymore. The real question to ask is, how toxic am I?

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DIY Peppermint Powder Room Spray

Have you ever walked into a room, only to be metaphorically smacked in the face with a smell that you find offensive, or worse, one that makes you nauseous? Well, I have. Many times, in fact. I know that I cannot be the only person on the planet that is very sensitive when it comes to smells of any kind. Commercially-bought perfumes, cigarette smoke, those plug-in things you put into the wall and/or the stinky exhaust coming from a vehicle in front of me while I’m driving down the road all mean one thing to me: Big-time HEADACHE.

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