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Laurie's FavoritesWhat is a Holistic Health Coach?

According to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition®, “A Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices. Health Coaches educate and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments.

Proper health coach training programs and health coach certification ensure that Health Coaches know how to work with diverse groups of people and equips them with the tools necessary to best fit the needs of their clients.”

Is Becoming a Holistic Health Coach Right for You?

  • Do you have a passion for Health & Wellness?
  • Are you looking for a career that provides you with the motivation, knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in people’s lives?
  • Would you love to learn from well-respected and cutting-edge doctors and experts in the field of health and wellness, such as, Deepak Chopra, World leader in the field of mind-body medicine, Walter Willett, MD, Chair of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health, Andrew Weil, MD, Director of Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona or Mark Hyman, MD, Functional Medicine Physician and Author of Ultraprevention and Ultrametabolism, among others?
  • How would you like to participate in an on-line program that provides you with all of the tools that you need to start earning money as a holistic health coach even before you complete the online program?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you owe it to yourself to check out the Integrative Institute for Integrative Nutrition®’s Health Coach Professional Training Program®.

This yearlong online course was especially created for people who are passionate about health and wellness.

Whether you’re interested in learning about achieving optimal health and wellness, launching a meaningful new career or making a positive impact in the world, Integrative Nutrition® will empower you to transform your life and achieve your personal and professional goals.

As a student at Integrative Nutrition®, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn from leading experts in the field of health and wellness
  • Launch your own business with all the tools you need to get started: Your own website, business cards, newsletter templates, brochures and client worksheets

Be part of a supportive community of over 25,000 passionate, like-minded people in almost 100 countries around the world

  • Utilize cutting-edge student materials, including the classroom app, cooking DVDs, books and more, which are all included in your tuition
  • Become a board certified Health Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), earn a certificate and Continuing Education Units through the State University of New York (SUNY) Purchase, and earn up to 40 college credits as recommended by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS)
  • Attend exclusive live events, which are designed to provide you with the latest health and wellness information and the opportunity to network with like-minded holistic health coaches

Exciting cutting-edge holistic health and wellness topics that are covered in the curriculum include:

Nutritional Concepts Bio-individuality Dietary Theories Primary Food Deconstructing Cravings Crowding Out Energetics of Food Food/Mood Connection
Superfoods Nutrition Science Autoimmune disorders Blood sugar & glucose Digestive system Toxins Thyroid health Genetic influence on diet Metabolism
Modern Health Issues American Health Crisis Food/Mood Connection Government Policies Hypoglycemia Organic vs. Non-Organic vs. Local Foods Emotional Eating School Food

Download a free digital copy of Integrative Nutrition

  • Why diets don’t work and what does
  • What cravings teach you about your body
  • Over 100 ways to cook healthful, quick and delicious meals
  • Simple, actionable steps to transform the way you shop, eat and live
  • Why work, relationships, spirituality and fitness may be more important to your health than food
Are you Passionate about Health & Wellness - Get my Health Coach Guide

If you want to become a Health Coach, remember to contact me here for enrollment details and potential scholarship opportunities to the Institute For Integrative Nutrition®.

I will also notify you by email when there’s a special tuition promotion going on.

Contact me at ( for program details and potential scholarship opportunities for the Institute For Integrative Nutrition®’s Health Coach Professional Training Program®.




What do you get when you enroll in IIN? Become a Health Coach

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