A BIG Thank You: Our Book Hit #1!


A BIG Thank You:  Our Book Hit #1!

trust your intuition

When I was asked to be a contributing author to the new book “Trust Your Intuition:  25 “Natural Medicine Confessions” From Influential Women Who Choose Healing Remedies For Their Families,” it didn’t even occur to me that I would be writing a post like this today.

So what am I so excited and in awe of?

Well, our book started out with the rank of 1 million out of over 8 million books on Amazon.

At the beginning of last week when we started spreading the word, the book rank rose to 200,000.

When we started our launch event, the rank was at 77,000, and over the course of two days it steadily rose all the way to 250 (unbelievably amazing!) out of over 8 million books on all of Amazon!

Trust Your Intuition is currently #1 in the categories of:

  • Parenting & Relationships: Family Health
  • Health, Fitness & Dieting: Alternative Medicine: Herbal Remedies

#1 Screen shot Bestselling Book

All of the contributors in the book are so excited, grateful and over the moon about the success of the book!

Currently, our book is hovering between 300 to 400 out of all books on Amazon.

We’ve got a couple more reviews, so that makes 18 strong ones, and they are all 5 stars.

We would really love more, so if you’ve purchased a copy of the book and wouldn’t mind hopping on over to and writing a short review, we would be most grateful.

If we keep up the momentum a bit by getting more reviews, then it could really help, as we are aiming to hit the top 100 list. Jenni Wilson, the Natural Medicine Mom, is currently planning radio and TV interviews around the country to promote “Trust Your Intuition.”

Laurie Driggers, Inspired Health & Happiness, Trust Your IntuitionSo for everyone who bought the book… A BIG Thank You Very Much from the bottom of my heart!  I know you will LOVE it.  :0)

For those who didn’t buy it yet, a price change finally went through, so we should see it go down on Amazon sometime in the next few days, so stay tuned for that.  Also, the hardback is now available on Xlibris and should be on Amazon soon.

Kindle Update:  We are planning a similar launch for the Kindle version of Trust Your Intuition in the last week of August AND we will probably be able to give away copies of the book FREE for a few days.  How cool is that?!?

Here is a link to a news article on Check it out and leave a ‘LIKE‘… It is so important to all of us that contributed to the book that it receives as much media attention as it can get.

Natural Medicine Improves Health 

For those of you have not seen my previous posts about the book, Do You Trust Your Intuition?Something Big Is Coming…Did Someone Say Free Gifts? and Today’s The Big Day!, to catch you up, I shared with you a little bit about my chapter in the book, Saving Bruno: How I Used Natural Remedies to Heal My 4-Legged Baby, and I also introduced you to a few of the other amazing authors that are featured in Trust Your Intuition.

Once again, I truly appreciate all the support from you, my dear friends and readers!

This is truly an exciting event in my life, and I am so grateful to have you sharing it with me.

 To your health and happiness…

To order your copy of the book, click on the picture below:

Trust Your Intuition

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